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Operationally Dependable Industrial Limit Switches

Limit switches are industrial control components that make up part of a control systems used to maintain and control machinery. Consisting of an actuator that is linked to contacts, when an unwanted objects enters or comes into contact with the actuator, the electronic limit switch breaks the electrical connection, preventing and minimizing damage. These controls are utilized in a wide range of products from home garage systems to public water systems. Our precision limit switches are reliable and easy to install and capable of being applied to various environments and applications. With top brands like General Electric, BW Technologies, and more, you get parts that are rugged and have lasting power.

Here at Pioneer Breaker, we are dedicated to delivering industrial electronic parts and limit controls that provide top level safety and durability. With a team of industrial experts behind the process, our components are manufactured with the highest quality standards. Shop our selection of limit switches and controls today.

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